Friday 17 April 2015

EPrints for EPSRC Data Management

The following simple Research Data Management advice has just been set around my institution for staff publishing papers to satisfy the new EPSRC data mandate. Although each institution will provision research data differently, it was great to see all the work that has been done over the last few years distilled into a simple set of instructions that even professors can understand!

  1. Write the paper
  2. Login to EPrints
  3. Go in to manage deposits
  4. Click on the Add New Data Set button
  5. Upload an Excel spreadsheet with the data in from the paper
  6. Fill in as many of the questions as you can, making sure you describe what the data corresponds to in the paper (e.g. Fig 1 etc…)
  7. You can link it to the grant that funded it (these should be in the system already)
  8. In the options for the upload I made the data “visible to registered users only” and embargoed it until the end of the year with “publication pending” as the reason.
  9. Email to get a DOI - the repository team will check what you’ve entered at the same time.
  10. Write  the following in the acknowledgements of the paper, "The data for this paper can be found at doi:10.the/DOI/you.received.above"
  11. Submit paper
  12. When the paper is accepted, make visible to all, remove embargoes, and link it to a copy of the paper that has been uploaded onto the system.

Southampton's repository has an extended set of metadata fields to describe datasets that are part of the ReCollect EPrints Bazaar plugin that was developed by the UK Data Archive and the University of Essex, as part of the JISC MRD Research Data @Essex project.

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