Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A Present for Open Access Day!

Here's a present for Open Access Day 2008 - a handy patchwork quilt made from the top 150 Open Access resources on the Web!

Well, it's not really a quilt - it's a web page. But it is lovingly stitched together from thumbnails of the highest ranked web pages that Google returns on the subject of Open Access. However involved you are with open access and institutional repositories, I bet you haven't seen a lot of this material.

Click on the image to the left (a thumbnail of the whole quilt) and it will take you to the quilt page. There, each resource is represented by a clickable thumbnail that will take you to the real page. Of course, you can get much the same result by doing a Google search for Open Access, but it's not as jolly and cheerful.

Ho ho ho! Happy Open Access Day!