Saturday 19 April 2008

Beware What You Wish For

Now that our repository has been upgraded to EPrints 3.1, the repository technical support team (that's Chris) has agreed that the repository management (that's me) should be allowed to have control over the new web-based management tools. In theory, I had the right to this level of control before, but in practice it meant logging into the command line of an infrastructure machine for which I wasn't supposed to have login access. This was part of the management/technician rift that made us put as much repository administration as possible into the web interface of 3.1.

Still, now it's actually arrived, I've realised that all the excuse making and prevaricating that I did before just won't work. The magic words "Oh yes, I need to get the web programming team to look at that" is something that has saved me a lot of work in the past. Now the game is up, my cover is blown and I'll just have to do it myself.

The first thing is to fix the citation styles (we have the italics in the wrong place, and book sections aren't flagged as such). I've got a nice email from Pauline Simpson on the topic somewhere. Then alter the QA audit to ferret out never-published papers. Then update the by-group view pages and their sub-orderings. Then I can take a look at the new tagcloud view-by-keyword styles and the new community of practice co-author listings.

Wish me luck. I hope I don't press the wrong buttons!

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