Monday, 11 February 2008

New Requests: QA and Citation Counting

I am being pushed by the head of research committee to have the repository send out more QA alerts to all the self-depositing users. Yes, they really do want to be prompted about problems with their metadata! I'm meeting with Chris G to try and decide the best way to do this for everyone, but I think that some of the experiments we tried last summer (see previous blog postings on QA) will help us produce a sleek user interface for the end-users.

I am also being pushed into responding to the national obsession with research metrics by adding citation counting and tracking to EPrints. After Christmas I managed to produce some demo scripts to track the citations of repository holdings using Google Scholar, but they got wiped out in my January Laptop Disk Crash (not to be confused with the February one). I'm delegating the rewriting of the scripts (hey, I'm a senior lecturer!) but things are moving so fast in the UK that they will need to see prime time very quickly!

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  1. You've prob seen this already Mr Rep Man - Stuart Lewis has blogged about Google Scholar and the enhanced results on citations for papers that are indexed by Google.