Tuesday 13 November 2007

Repository Upgrade

We switched the repository just before the weekend, so that the EPrints v3 version has now replaced the old repository. We had done all the configuration migration previously and every so often we would migrate the data contents, just to check. We suspended all new deposits and editing facilities on Wednesday, did the final data migration and changed the DNS so that eprints.ecs now points to what used to be eprints3.ecs. Having done that we left the editing & depositing locked down for a few days in case any problems became apparent. They didn't, apart from a few people reporting that the editing had stopped working :-)

So last night (Monday 12th Nov) we switched editing back on and all systems are go once again! There are a couple of niggles to sort out - the citation format isn't quite the same as it used to be (it's missing out some conference information) but apart from that it went very smoothly.

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